PERMOTHERM® - finest hot water solution from Switzerland

The hot water unit PERMOTHERM corresponds to the wishes and needs of hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, clubs. It is used in all applications, where simple operation is required, where water hygiene, an hourly output of 65-80 liters of boiling, sterile water are needed at low calcification. The drip tray is height adjustable for all common vessels!




WaterTec - G Trading GmbH Martinsrain 8 CH-4125 Riehen, Switzerland T: 061 641 19 53


Manufacturer: Zeltner Systemtechnik AG, Färchstrasse 8 CH-4629 Fulenbach, Switzerland T: 041 62 398 15 28


Folders and reports about the PermoTherm

NEW: ToppTherm saucepan with 230V,

with adjustable temperature selection:

35, 40, 45, 50, 55 degrees Celsius.

Price on request!

Advantages and benefits:

• wellwasser® scores environmentally friendly due to extremely short transport routes.

• wellwasser® saves consuming handling with reusable crates, heavy glass bottles or plastic bottles.

• wellwasser® creates additional storerooms and empties the cooling drawers and refrigerators.

• wellwasser® is always of the highest quality and taste in unlimited quantities.

• wellwasser® still and sparkling is the shortest path from the source into your glass.

• wellwasser® is regionality - sustainability and environmental protection.

We support the philosophy and technology of  the company "WellwasserTechnology Ltd. ",at Austria, and are partners for "wellwater-" solutions and products in Switzerland and Lichtenstein.