MOMOSAN® - for advanced wound care in animals

MOMOSAN - white is a therapeutic fine foam (made of polyurethane) with specific properties for wound care in animals.

Enclosed  made pictures of a horse wound-treated by MOMOSAN® after 14 days:

Source: VetHealth customer, canton Solothurn, Switzerland, 10/2017


MOMOSAN WoundCleaner offers the possibility depending on usage (black or white) and bearing pressure to influence the intensity of the wound cleansing effect and can be used as rough cleaning (black) as well as fine cleaning (white). The size of 5x5x2 cm fits comfortable in the hand. Various packing helps individually and as needed to carry out the mechanical debridement.

MOMOSAN® FOR ANIMAL CARE suppliers in switzerland:

VetHealth - G Trading GmbH Martinsrain 8 CH-4125 Riehen, Switzerland, T: 061 641 19 53 

Manufacturer: Moltoplast healthcare GmbH, Egger-Lienz-Strasse 130 A-6020 Innsbruck, Autriche, T: 043 512 585407

SoulMate No 1 from Swiss Alps

Relaxing and sedative spray. Ingredients: herb condensate, hops, lemon balm, alpine roses. The combination of ingredients has proven useful for relieving stress and anxiety, promoting natural serenity, improving the well-being of your pets, increasing animal slavery, boosting energy, regeneration and the well-being.

SOULMATE No 1  distibuted by:

VetHealth - G Trading GmbH Martinsrain 8 CH-4125 Riehen, Switzerland T: 061 641 19 53


Manufacturer:, Wiesterrasse 4a CH-6037 Root I Switzerland