PV (PHOTOVOLTAIC) - solutions

Use the energy from the sun with the new Health Travel Box (9,45inch x 6,9 inch), lightweight, weatherproof,customized protection box with ripstop nylon and the SunnyBAG PowerStick with load capacity of 2.600mAh, output performance of 1.000 mA(5V). The PowerStick is useable for nearly all mobile phones and mobile devices, which can be charged/connected with USD 5V.

INFRARED HEATERS - Heat4All® - products

Bring the sun into your home. We can advise you on the many new possibilities of infrared heaters. See the product catalog of our business partner company "Heat4All": To the product catalog of Heat4All


First contact in Switzerland for SUNOVA as system integrator, as general contractor, as energy efficiency solver and specialist for solar flatroof constructions from Germany.

SUNOVA partner for Switzerland: SolarTec - G Trading GmbH Martinsrain 8 CH-4125 Riehen, Switzerland T: 061 641 19 53 office@gtrading.ch