MOMOSAN® - for the modern wound treatment

MOMOSAN white consists of polyurethane pads and slabs.These cost-effective hydroactive wound dressing, which is extremly easy to apply, combines advantages such as: creation of a moist mircoclimate, protection against secondary infections, good thermal insulation, minimal pain when changing dressings, facilitations of cleaning, granulation and epithelialisation, quick healing of moist wound healing with and without negative pressure therapy.

MOMOSAN® - mechanical debridement

Momosan® WoundCleaner is easy to use, cell-friendly, safe and painless. Due to the individual

sterile packaging the wound of the occupies surface can be cleaned with a hygienic WoundCleaner

pad repeatedly until the wound bed. The size of 5 x 5 x 2 cm fits comfortable in the hand.

Various packing helps individually and as needed to carry out the mechanical debridement.

MOMOSAN®  & MOMOSAN WOUNDCLEANER supplier in Switzerland:

Kuhn & Bieri AG, Sägestrasse 75 CH-3098 Köniz, Switzerland T: 0848 102040

online shop in any pharmacy.


Manufacturer: Moltoplast healthcare GmbH, Egger-Lienz-Strasse 130 A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria, T: 043 512 585407

FAVUSAN® - Soft and concave bed positioning system (wheelchair cushions)

An extremely intense pressure relief is achieved by removing the honeycomb elements located under risk areas. Should decubitus exist, the pressure should be as low as possible. An extremely low support pressure is achieved by removing the honeycombs. Blood circulation can be sufficiently recovered and the healing process is facilitated.